Best Restaurants in Sunshine Plaza You Didn’t Know Served Delicious Food!

Sunshine Plaza is a commercial building located on Bencoolen Street near Bras Basah MRT station. This plaza does not have too many places to shop from, but it indeed does have a few mind-blowing eateries that are extremely popular for serving mouthwatering international delicacies. If you are visiting Singapore, then dropping by at this place is a must! Sunshine Plaza has eateries serving different cuisines including Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Italian. We have listed some of the best dining options at Sunshine Plaza.

Pepper Jade

Situated on the ground floor of Sunshine Plaza, this Thai restaurant has an interesting concept where it serves Thai food like Claypot Tom Yam Soup, Son-in-Law Eggs and Pomelo Salad. Pepper Jade offers a vegan Thai menu that does not contain garlic, onion or shallots. Despite the absence of these ingredients, the food tastes absolutely marvellous. Some of the best dishes of this restaurant include Thai Green Mango Salad, Stir Fried Chicken, Glutinous Rice, and stir-fried Kai-Lan and straw mushrooms.

Ichi Tei

Ichi Tei is a family restaurant that serves the best Japanese food at lower-than-usual prices. You can find a hearty and wholesome Japanese meal at $14 here. The dishes served here are extremely fresh, and some of the best served here include chicken teriyaki rice, salmon curry, Udon, Potato Salad and Miso Soup.

Teng Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining

Teng Bespoke Japanese is a treat for the vegetarians who would like Japanese food without any meat. The restaurant serves dishes like sushi, sashimi and tempura using mock meat. However, we recommend dishes containing mushrooms, tofu and vegetables. Other dishes worth a try include grilled mushrooms and cold green tea soba.

The Big Cheese

If you want to eat Mac and Cheese for just $5.90, then Big Cheese is the best place. This is one of the best places in Sunshine Plaza, and its best dish is the truffle flavoured mac with beef and gruyere cheese. You can also make your own mac by adding different toppings and cheese of your choice. It offers numerous toppings like seafood, meat, shrimp, beef, spinach, broccoli and mushrooms. You can also choose from a series of cheeses like gruyere, gouda and feta. You can also add parmesan crumbs, Doritos and Ritz bits to add a unique flavour to your mac and cheese.

Merely Ice Cream

Merely Ice cream is a quirky place that is most frequented by students and youngsters. Best known for its generous scoops and other desserts like waffles and brownies, this place serves unique flavours such as green tea, peanut butter, blackcurrant, red wine, root beer, gingerbread chai, Horlicks panda, grape Yakult, red velvet, breakfast cereal, and pineapple tart. Merely ice cream matches the taste of homemade ice cream as they use ingredients like fruits and nuts. They also serve ice cream sandwiches and other accompaniments like marshmallow sauce, chocolate sauce and butterscotch sauce.

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