How You Can Cope With The Unexpected in Escape Rooms

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are now ready to experience the thrilling experience of an escape room. Whether you are preparing to play this game for the first time, or you are looking for another experience, it is crucial to know the fundamental principles of the sport. Each storyline is different, and you must pay attention to the instructions the game master gives before the game starts.

You also need to know some of the unexpected situations that may happen inside an escape room. Here are some of them:

Team members that stop playing
Trying to solve the mysteries in an escape room game can be tiresome. You have to think, fix things, and most importantly pay attention even to the tiniest detail. In some rooms, you have to climb and crawl in some places to find the hints.

That means that some members, especially those who are not used to riddles, might stop playing and give up altogether. The worst scenario happens when some members give up, and the others want to continue with the game. This might cause fighting within the team and ruin the entire experience.

Panic and anxiety attacks
Anxiety and panic disorders are prevalent in today’s world. However, it is possible to go into the room and get a panic attack when the pressure is too high. Sometimes players start shouting at each other, especially when they start running out of time.

Also, there are people who naturally hate being locked in a room. So when the game master locks you in to start the game, such players might start feeling light-headed, confused and anxious. If someone in your team gets an anxiety attack, contact the leader immediately. Nevertheless, the best way to avoid such mishaps is to keep reminding each other that you are having fun.

Urge to use the bathroom
What should you do if you felt the urge to use the bathroom and the game is not over? Remember you are locked in a room for sixty minutes. There are no bathrooms in the escape room, and in case you find one know that it is a prop in the story. However, if you feel the urge during the game and you know you may not manage to control yourself to the end, talk to your teammates then alert the moderator.

Imagine you find yourself in a room with people who are in love, and they decide to enjoy their date instead of helping solve the puzzles. What will you do? Perhaps you are one of those people who would love escape room romance.

Reports indicate that games masters have seen many proposals in escape rooms. If you have such plans, it would be courteous to let members of your team and the game moderators know beforehand. Whether you are closed in one of the best escape rooms in singapore or anywhere else in the world, keep reminding yourself that you are there to have fun. If unexpected situations happen, do not panic. Call for help.

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