Enjoy Your Photo Booth Experience With These 8 Tips

You’ve spotted a special opportunity at a friend’s wedding – a wedding photo booth in singapore! Excitedly, you and your friends dash over to queue, wanting to get yourselves a stunning photograph to commemorate the wedding. Soon, it’s your turn. When you step in front of the camera, you’re suddenly in panic mode: what kind of pose should you do and what props should you use? Will the photo look good? You may end up taking multiple shots before you’re satisfied with the outcome, to the dismay of the other people in the queue.

If you’ve ever faced a situation like this, here is a list of 8 tips you can use at any instant photo booth in Singapore to get the best photo of your beautiful self.

Use props that follow a certain theme

You may end up with analysis paralysis when you look at the large variety of props available at your photo shoot. In such circumstances, you should narrow down your choices by grouping the props available into various styles or themes and only using those from one group. This way, your photo will look cohesive and you don’t have to spend too much time and energy sifting for the perfect combination of props.

Avoid being too close to the studio lights

If you stand too close to the lights, your face will be so brightly lit that you may look as pale as a ghost! Many guests at the instant photo booth are too absorbed in the moment to notice their positioning. It’s also beneficial to stand back, closer to the backdrop, as it means there is more space for everybody in the photo.

Use your side profile to appear slimmer

Your side profile can make you look a lot more attractive, as it makes you look slimmer. That’s why so many models angle their faces slightly away from the camera!

In group shots, you can try having someone take the main focus and letting the others support them

A coordinated group shot can look a lot more impressive than one where everyone looks like they’re posing haphazardly. To do this in a short span of time, you can decide who should be the main focus of the photo and have the other people’s hands and face directed towards that person. This way, the photo can look a lot better and more purposeful.

Arrange everyone by the colour of the clothes they’re wearing

Try to separate the people who are wearing clothing with the same colour, as photos can look contrived and too uniform. Consider having different flecks of colour adorn each corner of the photograph, unless of course, you’re trying to achieve a certain effect with the purposeful arrangement of colours. If most of you are wearing the same colors, especially black or grey, grab some colorful props to make the photo more lively and pretty!

Arrange by height

As with all group photos, bring the tall people in front and the taller ones behind, so as to ensure everyone’s faces can be seen. More importantly, those behind should stand straight so those in front will not have to bend down so much! The more people there are in the photo, the more important this is.

Don’t block your face or other people’s faces with the props

When holding props, ensure that you’re not blocking anyone’s face. Unless the prop is a mask, you might ruin the photo and someone’s day if his or her face is obstructed by your enthusiasm.

Body contact can say a lot about the relationship between everyone in the photo

Close friends and family will not stand far away from each other. Eliminate the gaps! Get closer and tighter in the photograph to show that your bond as friends are important. Photos also generally look better when there are no gaps in between you.

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