Different Props You Can Find in your Photo Booth Experience

Instant photo booths in Singapore can contribute to an amazing experience, whether it is at a wedding or a corporate event. They provide an opportunity for guests to have their photos taken. Best of all, guests can receive a beautiful and glossy print-out that they can bring home within minutes after they have their photo taken. The best photo booths in Singapore will provide professionally taken photographs with studio lighting that will certainly flatter every guest’s looks.

Photo booths that offer impeccable service will also come with a variety of props that guests can use during their photoshoot. These props can be used to completely transform the photo booth experience, sprinkling it with the fun factor that makes the experience so endearing. Here are five different types of props that Singapore instant photo booth companies use to help guests walk away happy and satisfied.

Big glasses

Sometimes, guests just want to look extra geeky – to the point where it becomes comical. Extra large glasses can truly accentuate your guests’ eyes, all the while retaining their fashion sense. These large glasses can come in a variety of colours, ranging from bright colours like orange and red, to slightly more dull colours like black. Guests can definitely look forward to using this simple prop to make them look even more “fashionable”.

Toy Swords

A toy weapon is the perfect item to help guests role-play in their photographs. Guests can choose to pose with a toy sword in the photograph to add a bit of action into their photo. Perhaps the sword is used to comically poke another person. Or the sword can be pointed at the camera in a more menacing photograph. You can complete the look with an additional hat or accessory that gives a bit more backstory to the character you’ve created – for instance, a pirate’s hat. Use the toy sword to transform yourself into a new character at the photo booth you visit.


Funky hats or wigs are perfect accessories to add a lot of funk to the photoshoot. The item on top of the head can transform your dramatically. Some possible headwear that may be provided by photo booths include afro wigs, an astronaut’s hat or even a chef’s hat. Donning an item on the head will drastically affect how tall guests look, and make for some interesting memories. Keep headwear within reach so you can take an amazing photo.


Masks and similar props can transform the photo booth experience into something else completely. By hiding your guests’ face, masks help to bring out their inner spirit animal. While animal masks can be quite funny, some guests prefer serious masks, similar to the ones from Phantom of the Opera. Whatever the case, masks will certainly bring a lot of fun and joy when taking photos.

Hand-held props

Finally, hand-held, speech bubble type props mounted on holding sticks, especially custom made ones can make the photo booth experience seem special and authentic. Some photo booths have beautifully designed and printed props while others purchase good-looking props from stores. These hand-held signs and props will greatly make or break their photo booth experience.


The props provided at the best Singapore instant photo booth will surely wow guests and make the photo booth a fun-filled activity for all.

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