Celebrate Graduation With These 6 Personal Gift Ideas

Graduation is a significant day in every student’s life. It marks the end of one of the most enjoyable and probably unforgettable experiences in their lives. Leaving their academic institution can leave many feeling overwhelmed while others will look forward to what the future holds. To help them celebrate, look at buying the graduates’ an extra special gift. There are so many options to choose from when browsing; you could try visiting a shop which can customise t-shirt printing and add your own little touch to the present. That’s just one possible option, keep reading for more ideas!

1. College Memorabilia

University is one of the most important experiences in a student’s life. They would always remember their time at their educational institutions. This could be anything from printed hoodies to t-shirts, or you can hand out gift hampers with many memorabilia items including t-shirts, a clock, a wallet, a bag, and a bumper sticker for their cars. You can customise the t-shirts according to each graduate’s personality. You could try a t-shirt printing Singapore company; you might be able to get a nice picture of the big day printed out a t-shirt for a great price! If your friend likes hats, look for a cap printing Singapore store to get one that’s custom-made, it’ll stay with them for a lifetime.

2. Digital Frame

University is a great socialising experience for students. They get to meet hundreds of new people, almost every day. Students take thousands of pictures to capture the significant moments throughout their education. A digital frame will help graduates cherish all the memories they have made during their schooling. This modern photo album would enable students to document their time at university and will stick with them for an eternity.

3. Gift for a new apartment

After having spent a long time at the residence halls and university accommodation, many graduates feel excited about moving out into an apartment of their own. You can gift them a few ornaments or mementoes that are suited to their new home though printed doormats are also an incredible idea. The mats come with phrases like “shoes off”, which help your fresh graduate to keep their new apartment clean. You can also hand out gift cards to a store that sells household furniture and other items, allowing them to choose what they need.

4. Engraved Pens

Many stores offer a wide variety of beautiful pens, with a classic vibe attached to them, which can be engraved. These work best for graduates with business degrees though many would love to use it for their first day at a new workplace.

5. Classic, Motivational Books

Going out into the world can be daunting. Get the graduate a well written, thoughtful book which acts as a guide and enables them to get through all the problems that lie ahead.

6. Jewellery

This classical gift never goes out of style. Gift your graduate something special like a unisex pendant or bracelets. Some shops even offer to engrave the bracelets with the graduation date. This would surely be a great memorabilia piece to help them remember a very important date, associated with perhaps, the most nostalgic time in their lives.

In the end, there are various options in store for you to find! Consider your friend, what they like and choose one accordingly! It is the thought that counts.

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