Fun Additions To Make For A Memorable Kids’ Birthday Party

Some think of birthdays as a time for family and friends to get together. Others know it as a day full of organised activities. However you describe or plan it, the ultimate goal will be the same: A fun-filled time for the kids.

Here are some ideas that will make your celebration extra memorable:


Carnivals are adored across the world. If you can’t go to a carnival, how about bringing the carnival to you? Renting a few of the all time favourite carnival games from a party company will let your kids create unforgettable memories at their own private carnival! You can even make it more interactive by setting up little lemonade or snack stalls where your kids can role-play and take turns to run their own booth.


Inflatables, such as bouncy castles, waterslides, rock-climbing walls, trampolines, unicorn pool floats and so on are easy to acquire and so much fun. You can even buy one and set it up yourself. Kids between the ages of 7 to 12 should require minimal supervision but if it gives you a bigger peace of mind, you can hire trained manpower to ensure safe play. Depending on whether you have access to facilities like a private pool or beach café, you can even hire a party entertainer to put together a pool or beach themed programme to hype up the excitement.


What better way to capture the great memories created at a birthday than with a Singapore party photo booth rental? Both the adults and kids can dress up with funky props and take quirky cute pictures with their friends and loved ones. What’s even better is that the pictures are available as an instant print out souvenir and can also be shared digitally by your social media savvy kids.


A DJ is an excellent idea because you won’t have to worry about the music throughout the event. DJs will lace the birthday with non-stop, kid-friendly jams that will keep them dancing and having a great time. If your child is a Meghan Trainor or Taylor Swift fan, do make it known to your DJ so that a customized song list can be prepared in advance. If he or she intends to do a singing performance with his or her friends, you can also request your DJ to prepare the appropriate minus one track ahead of time. You might want to hire your DJ through a company specializing in children parties as they would be in better position to fit in some disco themed game hosting geared towards your child’s age group.


With a list of party planners in Singapore, you have the option to hire a creative professional to come up with an all-encompassing party experience for your child. This could include helping to pick a venue to fit your child’s favourite theme and curating all the decorations and entertainer services to keep the kids enthralled throughout the party. Whether you are looking to organize a surfer’s yacht party, art jamming tea party, or glow-in-the-dark sleepover party, the possibilities in Singapore are endless!

Now that you have a list of ideas to make your child’s 7th to 12th birthday parties memorable, which one will you try this year?

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