Using Games & Toys To Improve Your Child’s Memory

Buying a toy for your child must be taken seriously because if you want your child to excel in school it is crucial to be mindful of your child’s activities. One way for you to do that is to buy them some educational toys so that their brain will sharpen a lot.

  • Jigsaw puzzles – this is one of the most exciting toys that you can give to your child because this will significantly help them to improve their memorization skills and recognition. Start by buying them a small jigsaw puzzle and through practice their ability to solve those kind of puzzles will significantly increase thus they will need to upgrade to a much larger puzzles.

As your child solves more and more you will see how it will affect his academics. Your child will be able to memorize the lessons easier which will result to much higher grades.

  • Rubik’s cube – it is one way to boost your child memory because Rubik’s cube is a great way to develop the brain of your child as well. The cube has a lot of algorithms that needs to be memorized for it to be solved and when your child gets interested to it they probably memorize and practice the algorithms.

This will build a lot of eagerness on your child to memorize things successfully and solve problems which they can use on the academic aspects of their lives especially if they are studying in the best international school in Singapore it is expected that there are a lot students which are really bright that is why it is a must to practice your child’s memorization skills in order for your child to keep up with them.

  • Chess – Although this toy sport cannot be played alone it brings justice to put it on our list because it is also a great way to increase the memory’s health of your child. Having involved in board games such as chess will be beneficial especially if the hobby started at a very young age because the child will be integrating the hobby on their lifestyle which will eventually maintain the health of their brain in a long run.
  • Scrabble – this is one of the best board games that is created in the history. This is a game where to 2 to 4 persons compete by building words through the given blocks and gets a corresponding score for each word that is formed. It really improves the memory in a way that it increases the vocabulary of the child.

Now you know the choices of the toys that you should give to your child. It is also important to take note that the added recreational activity that the toys will give to your child must not compromise the study time of your child. It is always important to budget the time well so that there will be no problem that will arise from the excessive playing time of your child.

Also, remind your child that these toys must not be taken along with them when they will go to school because toys are prohibited in school premises. Tell them that the toys will be confiscated by their teacher in this way they will be afraid to bring it with them.

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