Reasons Why You Should Invest In Sous Vide Machines

Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is a French term that refers to a culinary process of cooking food in a temperature-controlled water bath. Food is placed in an airtight vacuum bag, submerged in a water bath and cooked at a controlled temperature for a pre-set amount of time. This cooking technique was initially reserved exclusively for professional cooks.

However, thanks to technological innovation, more of Singapore’s catering equipment suppliers have made sous vide machines more accessible to anyone and everyone. Here are some reasons why you should own a sous vide machine:


Sous vide machines can cook meals perfectly without regular monitoring. The device maintains the perfect water temperature by triggering convection currents and varying the heating intensity accordingly with precision. This produces evenly cooked textured food. Without the need to constantly monitor the dish, your chefs can focus on other tasks while the dish is being cooked, accomplishing more with their time.

Offer healthier and safer food

To cook the sous vide way, food needs to be sealed in a bag before activating the machine. This method of cooking ensures minimal loss of mineral without compromising on the food’s texture. As compared to the usual cooking methods, the sous vide machine reduce the likelihood of the cross-contamination of food.

Achieve consistent results

Thanks to the technology of sous vide, it is now possible to achieve perfect dishes. The sous vide machine allows you to control all the necessary variables for cooking. These machines are equipped with precision apps that produced perfectly cooked food with the same consistency each time. With the sous vide machine, your food will have an unvarying taste each time it’s made.

Save time

Similar to a crockpot, ingredients can be thrown in and set to cook at a designated time. Once it gets going, you can focus on different tasks for the day. But the sous vide has proven to be better than a crockpot. Some are app-enabled, which allows you to connect it to your phone, for more convenience. This way you can make any necessary changes when needed even if you’re not in the kitchen.

Excellent for bulk cooking

Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of constantly making a meal in small batches. With the sous vide, simply set the right ingredients in the bag and fit them in. In short, the sous vide allows you to bulk cook as much food as you can fit in the water bath. This is a way to ensure that customers will be receiving meals that have consistent quality throughout the day.


During its days of being exclusively professional, the sous vide machines came with a hefty price-tag. Fortunately, these handy machines are now available at affordable prices. With Singapore catering equipment suppliers supplying sous vide machines with water baths of ten-litre capacity for less than S$1,000, there is no reason why your restaurant shouldn’t invest in sous vide machine.

Improve and maintain your food quality and kitchen productivity by investing in a sous vide machine!

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