Top Indoor Games That Will Blow Everyone Away In 2019

For the longest time, playing of games has always been associated with being out in the open. Bad weather made it impossible for these activities to take place but not anymore with indoors games taking over.

Indoor games are ones that have been designed to be played explicitly within the home or an enclosed structure. Most of the time these games can still be played even if the weather is not favourable.

There are so many indoor games that one can participate in when in Singapore and the four dominant ones are

Escape Room Games

Escape rooms in Singapore have become more and more popular in different parts of the world as time goes by, this is no exception in Singapore where residents and tourists alike are engaging in the game more. This game consists of a group of people locked up in a room, who have to put their minds together and solve a mystery for them to gain their freedom.

There are different themes for the participants to choose from like Alcatraz or Castiglione, not forgetting the spooky Mausoleum game where your curiosity can lead to your doom!

Different age groups are allowed to participate in the Escape room so you and your whole family or friends will truly enjoy this awesome game.

Indoor Climbing Walls

Have you ever dreamt of climbing Mount Everest? Well, you may not be able to that immediately hence these colourful and playful walls that are very popular in Singapore. There are walls for beginners which are relatively easy and others that will tingle the expert’s mountain climbers. This indoor activity is excellent in keeping you on toes both physically and mentally. The requirement for the climbers is that they must have certain body weight and then you are qualified to scale. If you want your children to enjoy this activity yet you are unable to participate then there are benches where you can sit and rest as they pretend to be Spiderman.

Tag Teams Indoor Shooting

This is a game that involves forming two or more teams and trying to bring down the opponent teammates until they are all down. The kids and adults get to choose the kind of weapons that they want to use to accomplish this mission. Some barriers help them to hide from their opponents and shoot them when they get the slightest chance.

Well, don’t think that this game is advocating for violence especially to the young ones, not at all. This game of shooting targets can help the child to be able to focus better even in other areas of their lives.

Kids always enjoy this fantastic indoor game. You can try the East Coast Park as well as the Downtown East to have a blast. Remember the scores will tell who the winner is.

Board Games

This is a classic way to spend time when you are at home. There are so many types of board games on the market nowadays that you and your family will be spoilt for choice. All the family members can gather around in the family room and play away. You can buy board games that are quite easy or a bit challenging depending on your family.  The best thing about board games is that once you have purchased them, then you won’t have to spend any more money when using them.

These are a few of the games that are not losing their popularity any time soon and will continue to be top choices even in 2019. Playing them together will create an even stronger bond with you and your loved ones.

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