Mistakes You Must Avoid When Finding A Training Venue

Once in a while, we plan training sessions for our employees or business partners. However, you need to know that the major decision to make is choosing the right training venue.

The venue you choose can break or make the training session. The planning committee should, therefore, be cautious about which venue they decide on. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid when choosing the right conference venue:

Not considering capacity limitations

It is always advisable to have a list of attendees. Hosting a large number of people in a small training venue means that some of them might be out of the venue.

Not knowing the number of attendees is a mistake you should avoid at all cost. If you are not sure of the exact quantity, you can choose a room with an allowance of at least 10 more people.

On the other hand, choosing a large training room in Singapore for a small group will feel overly spacious. It won’t be the ideal place to communicate with your audience effectively. A large room may end up sending echoes and distract communication.

Choosing an over-priced venue

A fancy training venue will please the attendees. In fact, it would be a memorable venue for them. However, the room you choose may end up costing too much that you have to compensate elsewhere. This may lead to select a low-profile speaker or cutting costs on foods and drinks which won’t be the best option.

You can avoid this mistake by comparing venue costs before choosing a venue. There are affordable and stylish training venues you can rent in Singapore. The other way to save costs is by planning your training session during a non-peak time. Training rooms are usually overpriced during the weekend and holiday seasons.

Sticking to a single venue

You have a favourite venue in mind. While you may want the venue to be the ideal place for the training session, it may not be available on the training dates. Other factors may come into play forcing you to opt for another venue at the last minute.

You can avoid this mistake by being open to other venues. Let your planning committee have at least three different venues to consider.

Not contacting the venue administrator

Although it’s now easy to book a training room in Singapore online, it’s always good to inquire more about the facility by contacting the administrator. You should, for instance, know the ins and outs of the facility. You should also ask questions about the contract to avoid any hidden charges.

Not considering a convenient location

Finally, most people make the mistake of choosing a venue too far from a small group of attendees. It is always advisable that you choose a venue easily accessible by all attendees.

Not considering the right location may cause other attendees to come late. The directions should also be clear to everyone before suggesting the ideal venue.

These are just some of the mistakes you need to avoid when selecting a training venue. Be sure to avoid them the next time you decide to rent a training room in Singapore!

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