A Modern Woman’s Guide to Fantastic Shapewear Styles

Shapewear for women has come a long way since its heyday in the 16thcentury, and nowadays, women have a variety of options to choose from according to their needs and preferences. Modern shapewear pieces are made from the highest quality of materials and come in several flexible sizes and firmness to cater to different support levels. In addition, they also can be worn to accentuate modern fashion trends that are constantly changing. After all, the best shapewear items should be able to be practical and comfortable!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common shapewear pieces and how they help to enhance a woman’s appearance and confidence.  


Bodysuits are a great choice for women looking to give their upper body a boost. Unlike individual shapewear pieces that aim to enhance a specific part of the body, bodysuits enable a general form of uplift for the torso area. In wearing bodysuits, women can experience a high level of control to enhance their figure, and it provides an array of support such as back smoothening, full upper-body shaping, and hip and tummy control. Posture improvement is also another valued benefit for this shapewear item.

Bodysuits are also available in an efficient open-bust variant, which empowers breastfeeding mothers to feed their child while wearing nursing bras. The convenience that bodysuits provide also enable mothers to start on post-partum body shaping while simultaneously caring for their newborn babies.


Another highly sought-after body shaper for women comes in the form of girdles. In general, girdles can come in two types. A short girdle provides support for the lower portion of the upper body, specifically the waist, hip, and tummy areas. On the other hand, long girdles enable additional support to the thighs and bum area along with the areas that the short girdle supports. The boost that girdles extend to women includes providing smoothening and control, which assists them in fitting easier into tighter clothing such as skinny jeans.

Wearing girdles also grant the benefit of postnatal body-shaping and enable the bum to receive greater lift while having stronger control in the tummy and thighs areas.


When we talk about shapewear, it’s not surprising to find that the first thing that comes to the minds of people is the corset. An iconic shapewear option, it’s synonymous with its waist-slimming feature that is utilised to provide women with a smaller waistline. In addition, to further enhance the femininity, women who wear corsets can also receive a noticeable boost to their bust line. It’s the quintessential shapewear of choice for women who desire a flatter appearance for their tummy without minding the firmness that it provides.

Wearing a corset smooths the tummy, shape the thighs, and especially, slims the waistline. Corsets can have multiple levels of control, giving women the choice to choose the one they feel most comfortable in.


Shapewear bras are ideal for women who are looking for a significant and comfortable lift to their bust. Designed to enhance a woman’s bust, it works by sculpting a cleavage and providing dedicated support and comfort, boosting the natural femininity of a woman. Another essential benefit of brassiere shapewear is that they are useful for postpartum body-shaping, empowering new mums to feel this much-needed support too.

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