King Size Beds: Common Types To Consider When Out Shopping

King size beds are considered to be the widest sized beds available on online furniture shop and it usually measures over 76”. These beds offer the same space to be offered by two twin beds when they are placed side by side. They are available in different sizes, which are right as per the needs of buyers. You can also get a storage bed frame. Here are some of the common types of king size beds. You should also include a 2 seater sofa to complement with your bed.


These are also known as Western King Size Bed. They measure around 84 x 72 inches. Unlike standard king size beds, they are narrower and longer in terms of size. They are best for the users who do not fit well on standard beds. They are built for heavy people and have flat sheets with the same size.

Standard king size beds

Also known as Eastern king size beds, standard king size beds are very common in the market. They are 80 x 76 inches and they are ideal for two people. Like Queen Size beds, these beds are wider than 16 inches. You can have 38” space to sleep for two to 3 people. However, they are more expensive as they are bigger in size. You may generally find king size beds in master bedrooms.

Split King Size Bed

These types of beds are ideal to serve different needs in your bedroom. You can choose a split king or dual king mattresses which come in 2 pieces rather than one. Each piece is as large as twin bed mattresses. They are very versatile and are widely used in guest rooms or master bedrooms.

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