Looking Into The New And Alternative Cosmetic Procedures

Although plastic surgery in Singapore has become fairly common, traditional cosmetic surgery sometimes costs a hefty amount, making it hard from many to afford the treatments. Fortunately, many plastic surgeons today offer newer procedures that have similar results to common invasive cosmetic surgeries and at reduced costs. This makes them more affordable for the ordinary person


The cost of liposuction In Singapore is determined by the procedure you choose and the number of CoolSculpting sessions you need. Thus, be sure to consult with your doctor or best fat injections surgeon to figure out the best procedure for your budget and needs.

While this procedure is a cheaper option, CoolSculpting is fairly pain-free and can be carried out within an hour with minimal side effects. It will cost you about 80 percent less than liposuction and uses cold to kill fat cells instead of sucking them out. Generally, results are visible 2-4 months following the treatment and you’ll have 20-25% reduction in the target area.


Another procedure that many people opt for in pursuit of a youthful appearance is Botox. Plastic surgeons have offered this procedure for over 10 years, so it’s a tried and tested procedure. It also is the most affordable method to minimize small issues like chin dimple reduction or crow’s feet. Even then, avoid overusing Botox and always go to a licensed doctor, since faulty procedures could cause your face not to express emotions or have weak facial muscles.

In closing

It is recommended that you discuss with your surgeon about any cosmetic procedures before deciding on a particular procedure. And because the cost of liposuction in Singapore differs, be sure to ask your best fat injections surgeon about the techniques they offer.

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