IB PYP & Diploma Courses: Key To Pursuing Higher Education

International schools in Singapore offer an education system with a mixed cultural curriculum. In Singapore, there is a wide range of International Baccalaureate programs. Among them, the IB Primary Years Programme and IB Diploma Courses are available in most of the international schools.

IB PYP Curriculum in Singapore: The programme designed for student aged 3 to 12. The Primary Years Programme focuses on the entire development of a child. The course framework provides teaching beyond the curriculum. The programme works on practical learning and teaching techniques. The IB PYP curriculum has all the facilities to enlarge the child education. This program will help the student to develop the academic, social, and emotional matters. PYP courses are perfect for personal values and independent learning. It includes international and local issues with a theme of interdisciplinary education.

If you are looking for high-quality international education in Singapore, then please consider the IB Primary Years Programme. It is divided into three parts. These are the written curriculum, the taught curriculum, and the assessed curriculum.

The written curriculum contains five essential elements. First one is knowledge which delivers language, mathematics, science, social studies, and arts. It is a part of the traditional subject area. Secondly, the concept is designed to provide students the understanding ability beyond academic learning. The other three parts are skills, attitudes, and action. They learn different skills to survive in the real world. Attitudes help them to develop communication skill and individual character.

Taught Curriculum and Assessed Curriculum are also the parts of PYP in Singapore.

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