Things to look out for when renovating your bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you retire after a long day of doing various activities. It should be able to make you feel relaxed and hence rejuvenated. If you don’t get the required amount of relaxation that you need it may affect your health and overall productivity. Adding a coffee table would help you to decorate and tie your room together.

For a long time, the bedroom has been neglected when the sitting room got all the attention. Not much consideration was put in when it came to furnishing the bedroom. Some of the mistakes that are common are


The wrong kind of linens can be a huge deal breaker when furnishing the bedroom. Don’t just put anything on your bed. The sheets that you spread out need to be made out of suitable material. The mattress is a major factor because this is you’re your body lies on all through the night. You need to get a mattress like  for the best sleep ever. Your beddings should be an investment because you deserve the best so don’t go the cheap way and end up affecting your health. You should have enough pillows but don’t let the bed be over whelmed by them.


Art has always been put in the living areas alone, but they could be a real gem in the bedroom as well. If you want art in your bedroom choose calming pieces that you can hang in the room. Avoid huge gory statues that will be distracting in the room; small simple pieces will be sufficient.


The bedroom is where people keep their clothes, shoes and even makeup for easy access when they are dressing up. However, most people don’t give this factor a lot of thought when getting the bedroom furniture. Not having enough closet space can lead to clutter everywhere in the room. A cluttered room is not ideal for relaxation. You will also find that the bedroom doesn’t have a dresser where the makeup can be arranged neatly. This can lead to chaos. If your bedroom is ensuite, then the vanities should be spacious enough to hold your private items. The closets should be able to accommodate the shoes, handbags, and clothes. If the home you are living in doesn’t have enough storage for your things, then you can organize to have more room put up. As much as enough storage is encouraged you should build too many that your bedroom doesn’t have any space left even for moving around.


This is so important because it can change the vibe that your bedroom will give out. The main aim is to sleep and relax in a bedroom. Having colors like bright red on the wall can be a huge challenge when you want to doze off. Natural, calm colors are highly recommended here with soft textures. You want to have a room that will make you want to get in bed and sleep not the other way round.

With these few factors to look for when furnishing your bedroom, remember always to keep it clean. Open windows to let fresh air in and make sure that your ensuite bathroom is clean and smelling fresh.

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