Nature Sites Outside Of Treasure At Tampines

When checking the Treasure at Tampines balance unit charts and floor plans, you will find out that there are lots of attraction sites close to the development.

Apart from the numerous amenities and malls, if you love sightseeing and living close to nature, there are many nature attraction sites close to Treasure at Tampines that you can visit. Some of the nature parks close to Treasures at Tampines include Tampines Eco Green Park, Timah Nature Reserve and MacRitchie Reservoir. You should visit these parks with your loved ones to enjoy some of the natural goodness that Tampines has to offer.

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of the top attraction sites and here, you will find a mountain bike trail, which is the venue for the event, “A Walk with the monkeys.”

The Quarry Park is another interesting place to have fun. It used to be a sand quarry which was converted to a park.

Near Treasure at Tampines, there is a perfect location where various activities can hold. So, if you are an athlete, a water sports enthusiast or a lover of nature, you will enjoy all the attractions at the MacRitchie Reservoir. It is the biggest reservoir in Singapore. There is a tree-top walk from which you can watch the animals who have their homes in the forest canopy.

These nature sites make up part of why Treasure at Tampines is a highly sought-after residential development.

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