How Do TCM Slimming Treatments Aid In Weight Loss?

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM slimming is more holistic, the alternative process of weight loss program and it explains why you are not losing weight in a holistic way.

Why you are gaining weight?

Obesity is the root cause of many health problems. The fat buildup in the process of bodily imbalances due to problems in the natural flow of energies like Qi, which is the life force or ultimate energy for our body’s wellbeing and processes.

Our body puts on weight mainly because of deficiency of Qi in the stomach and spleen. It also makes metabolism weaker and causes weight gain and retention. Even with exercise and diet, it is not easy to lose weight. You may also suffer from digestive problems and fatigue.

Physicians recommend the following TCM slimming tips and diagnose the main cause of deficiency of Qi energy.

Work on your digestion

Hawthorn berries promote digestion and break down body fat. All you need to mix 8-10 hawthorn berries in 500ml of boiled water. After half an hour of meals, you may drink it. Do not have it empty stomach as it helps promotes digestion. It is not recommended for people who have gastric issues and pregnant women.

Work on your bowel moment to avoid metabolic waste

You can avoid problems related to weight gain and stagnation with proper bowel movements. Take cassia seeds to improve constipation and relax bowels. All you need to mix cassia seeds (10g) in boiled water (500ml) for up to 5 minutes. Also add dried tangerine peel (6g), hawthorn berries (6g), and licorice root (2 slices) to the tea.

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