Bring Out The Best Of BBQ With These 8 Traditional Sauces

Barbeque is known for imparting magical flavours to meats and vegetables alike, colouring foods with a smoky flavour and succulent sweetness. If you think that’s the best it can go, be prepared to be proven wrong! What makes barbeque fare even better are the myriad of different sauces that you can mix and match to your food!

The earliest records of barbeque sauces can be traced back to 17th century America, although the first commercially produced barbeque sauce made by the Georgia Barbecue Sauce Company only started going on the shelves in 1909. Since then, barbeque sauce has become a mainstay of American cuisine, not limited to being enjoyed at barbeques, but suitable for enjoyment anytime.

Barbeque sauce is typically made from a combination of vinegar, mayonnaise, or tomato paste, which may include other spices and seasonings like black pepper, mustard, onion, liquid smoke, and some form of sweeteners. As different regions have their own take on the barbeque sauce, here’s a quick overview of the different types of BBQ sauces that have sprouted in the West.

Alabama white sauce 

Alabama white sauce is a deviation from your usual prototypical brown-coloured barbeque sauce. Creamy and tangy are its primary flavours, with a just a hint of spice from cayenne pepper and black pepper. Originating from northern Alabama, its mayonnaise base gives it its white colour, and apple cider vinegar makes it tangy. Typically, it is used to baste chicken, but it works well for a variety of foods

East Carolina sauce 

The East Carolina style of sauce from the North-East of Carolina is well suited to the spice lovers. Vinegar-based with chilli flakes, hot sauce and brown sugar, the predominant taste is sour and spicy, owing to the low content of sweeteners in this sauce. The sauce is a classic American sauce and well suited for basting pork on the grill.

Western Carolina sauce

From the other side of Northern Carolina, this rival to the East Carolina sauce is a thicker and richer sauce due to the addition of ketchup. Also called the Piedmont or Lexington dip, it is otherwise essentially the same as its Eastern relative, and does great as a dip for barbequed pork.

South Carolina mustard sauce

Rounding off the Carolina sauces is the South’s iteration, which is distinguished by its mustard base. The bright yellow sauce is made from vinegar, sweetener and spices like its Northern cousins. While traditionally suited for pork cuts, it does well to dress other meats also.

Memphis sauce

Memphis sauce is a delicate balance of tangy, sweetness, and spice, based on vinegar, mustard, ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce. Molasses is the sweetener of choice in this sauce, rounding out the strong flavours. Thinner than most tomato-based sauces, it can be seasoned with your choice of herbs for added dimension.

Kansas sauce

A heavy tomato-based sauce, Kansas sauce incorporates vinegar, mustard and molasses in its flavour profile. Adding to its nuanced flavours is the sweetness of sautéed onions and garlic. Perhaps the most well-known barbeque sauce in the US, the taste can be adjusted by adding variations of spices like peppers or herbs.

Texas sauce 

Texas sauce is considered a basting sauce for glazing meats as they cook. While consisting of largely the same ingredients as the Kansas sauce, it is considered more traditional and thinner in consistency. Often including vegetables such as chopped celery, it can also include flavours from meat drippings or bouillon.

Honey barbecue sauce

Honey barbeque sauce is characterised by the use of honey as the main sweetener. Many variations exist, centred on the recipes of other popular BBQ sauces. A sauce that has fast become an all-time favourite, it is perfect for grilled chicken.

With so many types of BBQ sauces, there will definitely be one to suit your tastebuds. And we haven’t even mentioned other worldwide varieties of BBQ sauces! Now that you’ve gotten the lowdown on traditional BBQ sauces, don’t forget to get to the meat of the matter by ordering all your BBQ ingredients from the best BBQ delivery provider for a fuss-free and irresistible BBQ session! Just remember to grab up some BBQ wholesale – it’s sure to save a chunk of your costs.

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