The Reason Why Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Is Crucial

It is compulsory for businesses in Singapore to have a fire extinguisher present on their premises. However, simply owning one doesn’t fulfil the requirement. To ensure proper safety and protection from potential fire hazards, businesses are also under the obligation to get their equipment inspected and verified by a certified service provider.

What does Maintenance Involve?

To fulfil the obligations of fire extinguisher maintenance Singapore has many companies whose qualified personnel are available to perform these tasks. Safety concerns are always a priority, and the maintenance and proper tagging of equipment if essential to prevent possible mishaps.

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Forces (SCDF), any fire extinguisher, whether it is at a commercial premise or at home, must be maintained in viable working order. Expired or faulty equipment must be replaced at once. Moreover, under the Singapore Standard, Code of Practice SS 578, Use and Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishersall owners, workers or occupants are responsible for the regular inspection, maintenance and assurance of good working of all the fire extinguishers present on the premises, whether business or personal.

It must be ascertained that any or all of the individuals responsible for inspecting, maintenance and tagging of the fire extinguishers must be trained and qualified for such activities.

Accidents caused by fires often result in huge losses, both of precious lives and property. Hence, fire extinguisher maintenance in Singaporeis of the highest importance and its fulfilment is repeatedly stressed upon and monitored.

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