4 Can’t-Miss Factors For Planning A Sensational Event

Parties are fun times! This is why people put in so much thought and effort into planning and organising their parties.

These days, even before jumping into the party planning process head-on – it’s the location choice that will make the event much exciting. Take a small warehouse or self-storage, for instance; they’re alternative spaces which give you the freedom to decorate your space in whatever way you desire.

But have you thought of the ways by which your party can leave a pleasant memory in the mind of your guests? Here, we will discuss the several aspects that will make your next party a super hit.

Invitation cards

The invitation cards for any party make the first impression on the mind of the invited guest; which is why it’s a must to make yours unique and personalised. Think of the invite as a teaser for your party. Now, pick out DIY options that may be especially well-suited for birthday parties of your children, wedding anniversaries and other special events.

DIY invitations immediately convey the feeling of warmth and the recipient notices that you put in extra time to create the invite. And you don’t have to do it alone, get your other friends or family members to help you and get in on the fun! It makes party planning even more exciting.

Theme selection

While it is not an absolute necessity to organise a party on a theme, it surely adds zing to the party and makes it memorable. Guests often participate in the event and dress-up according to the theme, thereby increasing their involvement in your event.

Decide on the theme depending on the occasion. A children’s party could be based around the theme of jungle, carnival, pirates, princesses and cartoons.  Whereas a baby shower or gender revealing could be more colour-based instead, depending on which colour you prefer as the representative of the gender. Either way, while selecting a theme is fun, be sure to keep within the budget. Go for affordable birthday party venues or cheap baby shower venues so you don’t break the bank.

Venue choic

The venue will be the single most important determinant of how smooth your party goes. Venue selection will depend on many factors, for example, the number of guests, the occasion, the theme, accessibility by public and private transport, parking space and the possibility of outsourcing food preparation.

At first glance, searching for all these factors in a single establishment may seem tough. However, with enough searching and effort, you’ll be able to find a suitable location. For example, you could take a look at them for the cheapest self-storages in Singapore, starting from 50 sq ft to 18,000 sq ft. All our units also provide all the necessary as mentioned above to meet the needs of guests. Feel free to invite as many guests as you want too; we offer unlimited capacity for all our spaces.

Food catering

Special consideration must be given to the menu at your party. If you are opting for a theme, make sure that the food is in sync with it. As you are putting the menu together, be sure to include ample choices for all guests. Even keeping those with dietary restrictions such as vegetarians and diabetics in mind is equally important.

After all of those aspects are settled, you can decide how your food is going to come along. If you’re one to cook up a storm on your own or if you have a favourite food vendor in mind – stick to a location which lets you do either. Our event spaces, held in locations such as a self-storage, allow you to decide how you’d like your food catering done.

Throwing a great party does not require any added resources. It is just a matter of some thinking and planning. With these ideas, you will be able to plan and throw a smashing party!

Being one of the cheapest self storages in Singapore, our day-to-day rates go from $50 to $3,697, so you can find the perfect fit for your budget and get more savings for your dream theme décor. Our spaces also offer basic facilities like air conditioning, lighting, electricity (power sockets), including several amenities such as round-the-clock accessibility, parking lots and loading bays. All these will help to fulfil your event needs and make party planning much easier on your end. Under our parent company, you can find a wider variety of larger unit rentals for warehouse and office in industrial and commercial spaces across 38 establishments in Singapore.

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