All You Need To Know About STD Clinics And Hospitals

If you think you have contracted an STD, you may be wondering what treatment options are available for you. In Singapore, there are various healthcare institutions that can diagnose and provide treatment for STDs. These include restructured government hospitals such as Changi General Hospital and Singapore General Hospital, private hospitals and specialised STD clinics in Singapore. While all these institutions can provide proper care to ensure you have a speedy recovery, there is a significant difference when you are treated at these various institutions Here are a few things you need to take note of when deciding which institution you would like to get treated at:


While most hospitals do have an Accident & Emergency department that can treat various kinds of diseases, including STDs, hospitals in Singapore typically do not have a specialised clinic for STDs. This means that doctors treating you may not have the expertise of someone who has studied STDs their whole career. Instead, if a doctor at the A&E suspects you have an STD, they may instead refer you to another relevant clinic such as urology or dermatology. Heading straight to an STD clinic in Singapore may be more assuring because you know that the doctors there are trained, equipped and very experienced in helping patients with STDs.


When seeking healthcare, the cost of medical consultation and treatment is also a large consideration. With hospitals, your insurance will likely be able to foot the bill. In addition, you can be covered by Medisave, effectively lowering your costs by a lot. Private clinics will likely cost you more as you will need to pay cash out of your own pocket. If you instead opt for an STD clinic, however, you are paying a small premium for the expertise of your doctor and a much shorter appointment waiting time. Some clinics even offer instalment plans should you require their services but cannot afford them. There are many ways to finance your road to recovery. After all, health is perhaps the most essential part of life.


STD clinics will provide much-needed convenience for their patients. Because they are often a private clinic, patients are able to just walk in and be seen by the doctor within the day. Furthermore, patients will not need to wait long after they check-in; the doctor will see them almost immediately if they arrive on time. No need to wait a few hours in line before a doctor will attend to you. If you need to bring forward your follow-up appointment, it is much easier to do so as well. Also, these clinics are often located in accessible areas, such as near offices or in neighbourhoods, saving you the need to travel all the way to the nearest hospital. The convenience provided by an STD clinic is indisputable.


While both hospitals and STD clinics can help you treat STDs, you do have a choice on which institution you want to get your STD test. Hospitals are a definite go-to if you face any kind of health problem, but if you know you are most likely suffering from an STD, it might be wiser to head to an STD clinic instead.

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