All The Things That Goes Into Maintaining Your Aircon

Regular aircon maintenance is vital to the performance, reliability and efficiency of the cooling system. But do you know what a standard session of aircon maintenance services covers? Once you know what goes into maintaining your aircon, you will have a better understanding of the need for regular servicing by a professional.

Here’s what goes on in a typical aircon maintenance session:

Cleaning out the system

A big part of aircon maintenance is keeping the unit clean. A clean aircon is vital to the performance of the system, in addition to ensuring that the air it blows out it fresh and clean. Thus, an aircon maintenance service will include cleaning of the filters, outer panels, coils, drain pan, and drain pipes. The aircon technician will use a variety of techniques such as vacuuming, wiping, and chemical wash to clean each part of the aircon. Although simple cleaning like wiping the outer panels and cleaning the filter can be performed by laypersons, it requires professionals to take apart the components and conduct a thorough cleanup.


If you have reported any problems with your aircon, the aircon technician will inspect the unit and diagnose the problem for you. This might mean figuring out the cause of the noise that your aircon is making, or finding out why your aircon is leaking. From there, the aircon technician will then proceed to fix the problem – this may involve replacing old parts, lubricating the fan bearings, or topping up the refrigerant.

Checking of parts

Even if your aircon is not posing any apparent problems just yet, a professional aircon technician can inspect the parts of your aircon to ensure everything is in good working order. For example, they may find that a component of your aircon is cracked, even before your aircon shows any problems arising from this. Thus, the aircon technician can conduct the necessary replacements and repairs to keep your aircon in its best condition. This minimises the chances of the aircon breaking down on you in the near future, and pre-empts problems before they happen.

Performing a test run

Once the cleaning is completed and the aircon parts are returned to their rightful places, a test run will be performed to check if the aircon is operating normally.

How often your aircon needs to be serviced depends on how frequent your usage is. If you are an occasional user, the aircon should be serviced at least once a year. However, if you use the aircon daily, a servicing once every few months is recommended. An aircon servicing package often includes 4 sessions per year and can help you keep track of your aircon maintenance. For most standard aircon maintenance services in Singapore, aircon chemical overhaul is not included. However, you may opt to do this if you find that your aircon has accumulated a lot of dirt and dust over the years that cannot be cleaned with water.

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