5 Signs It’s Time To Send Your Aircon For Maintenance

It is relatively easy to spot when your air conditioning unit needs repairing. There are some basic signs that you will notice, and you might need to call for the maintenance specialists to help you in this regard. Ignoring such signs can potentially cause major troubles where you might need an aircon overhaul. Therefore, it is best not to wait before the problem escalates.

How do you know when it is right for you to seek aircon maintenance services? Here are some of the reasons that can help you make that call.

When your device no longer cools your home

The basic functioning of an air conditioner is to maintain a consistent airflow to the user. If your device is no longer doing the basic functionality of an air conditioner, then there’s a problem. It is perhaps time to take it to the maintenance team for repair or have them come to you to help fix the issue.

If you’re wondering what could cause such trouble for your air conditioning unit, you should take a look to see if there is a leak in the freon line. This means that there might also be a malfunction in your compressor. If there is completely no airflow, it could indicate that there is a clog in the ductwork or a faulty blower motor.

When there is high humidity

Regardless of the current weather or climate pattern, your house should not be humid when you own an air conditioner. Your air conditioning unit should be able to tackle all of that humidity and alleviate it from your house automatically. If your air conditioner doesn’t tackle humidity, it is time to start planning for a servicing day from the professionals.

Emitting discomforting noises

Is your air conditioning making too much noise? It is not normal for an air conditioning unit to emit discomforting noises, and it could be because your unit is currently not performing optimally.

For example, grinding and squealing noises are not the norm for an efficient air conditioner unit. There may be something loose in your air conditioning unit. For instance, it may be the blower motor that has a loose screw or something of the sort. Do not assume or dismiss such noises as they might cause even greater harm in your system. Unless you are a professional, it is not advised to open up the system on your own. Get an expert with the right tools to open up your unit and tighten the loose nuts, bolts or screws.

Releasing bad odour

Aside from your air conditioning unit not producing fresh air, it might also begin to release bad smells. This could be due to the mould build-up in your ductwork, or a dead animal stuck in the vents of your air conditioning unit. It might also be a clog in the cooling coils or the condensate drain. If your problems are any of the above, contact a professional to help you deal with the issue.

Water leaks

Your air conditioning unit should not have any water leaks. If you start seeing water dripping from your system, then you might have a problem present. Air conditioning units rely on refrigerants to cool your house, and as such, there is no reason for condensation produced to leak. Water leaks would imply that the cooling system has malfunctioned. As this a significant problem, it is best to seek professional help. If you do encounter such a problem, it is best first to switch off the device and contact aircon maintenance services to help you deal with your problem.

If your air conditioning causes more problems than one, you can look into an aircon service package to tackle all of your problems at once. It is always best not to wait before your air conditioning problems get bigger.

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