Christian Funeral Services: 3 Kinds To Be Aware Of

Christian’s funeral is performed for a deceased person of the Christian background. Christian funeral rites are offered usually on the consecrated places. Depending on the religious branches, Christian funeral services may vary;

Western catholic burial rituals

The first after passing of a person is that a priest and clergy are invited to the house of the dead. They carry a cross and holy book, and holy water. Holy water is sprinkled around the house on arrival. Before they take the coffin out of the door, the clergy goes out with the cross. The priest is after the coffin and the rest of the survivors before the priest. There will be a ceremony in the church accordingly. Catholic Christian bury the deceased.

Protestant Christian burial

This way of burial vary based on the type of protestant branches

Generally, this funeral is for the baptized Christians and takes place at church before the altar. There will be mass prayers held for the dead, including; prayers of the faithful, ecumenical creeds and offertory prayers.

Another branch of protestant, a service of committal, is performed in the graveyard and not in the church. Although prayers will be held in the church after the funeral.

Orthodox church

It is a long process and unique to the orthodox church. There are a total of five different stages in this funeral; laity, youth, priests, monks, and another special form.


It is the job of the family members to cover the funeral. Although there are Christian charity groups to carry out the ceremony for the poor or lonely people.

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