Know Your Silhouettes: The 3 Common Wedding Dress Styles

The wedding gown is the most important part of a wedding whether you choose a contemporary or a classic design. With constantly changing fashion trends in Singapore wedding gown styles, you have to choose with utmost care. Here are a few style options that give you plenty of customization ideas for your wedding gown.

Ball Gown

If you have dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, the ball gown style is a perfect choice. The style includes a fitted bodice mostly with a corset and a full-length skirt make wide with the help of tulle or crinolines. This style is ideal for brides who want the regal look.

Sheath Dress

If you are into a more modern body skimming full length skirt, the sheath dress is an apt choice. This gown is for brides favoring less fabric. The dress is also easy to wear without much of the constraints that you have with the ball gown.

Further, you can use nearly all rich fabrics likes crepe, satin, lace etc. Petite and slim brides mostly prefer this type as it does not overpower them but still manages to bring the elegant look.

A-line style

If you want your Singapore wedding gown to have a blend of the ball gown and sheath look, the A line model is for you. The dress flares from the waist without the dramatic widening that you see in a ball gown. This style is apt for any type of thematic wedding like beach, classic or bohemian weddings. Tulle, lace and organza go well with this type of style.

The above three styles are the most popular among the various styles available. If you want a

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