Why Study The IB Diploma? These 5 Reasons May Convince You

The IB education program for 3 to 19 years old is exceptional because of its academic as well as personal rigor. It provides opportunities for the student to do well in their education as well as their own life. This program aims to inspire the desire for learning throughout life, which is categorized by enthusiasm plus empathy.

The IB program assists International Schools in Singapore in generating an all-rounded student with an exceptional character who can respond to issues with optimism as well as open-mindedness. Students who have confidence in themselves and make the right decisions.

The IB Diploma

The IB Diploma subjects are a well-balanced academic program, which offers final exams after the course. The program accommodates students aged 16 to19 years of age. This program is designed to prepare students at the university as well as life beyond school. It is developed to take into account the intellectual, emotional, social as well as the physical well-being of the learners.

why study IB Diploma

The program helps in preparing the student in readiness for the fast-changing world and the shrinking global community by doing the following:

  • Help student acquire an in-depth understanding of the courses from different subject group
  • develop skills as well as a positive attitude towards education, which make them ready for future aspirations
  • help students study at least several languages, thus enhancing their understanding of culture and other people’s lifestyles.
  • Help students to have a clear or in-depth understanding of the research methodology in their area of interest as well as other disciplines.
  • It helps students develop a personal as well as interpersonal development via creativity, activities as well as services.

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