4 Tips to Increase Camaraderie For Colleagues in the Office

Workplace camaraderie is an environmental necessity to foster a culture of teamwork and productivity. Especially when job-hunting, employees tend to look for a sense of belonging with their co-workers. As the saying goes, “People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.” This goes to show how important the environment is for recruiting and retaining employees, on top of boosting engagement, creativity, and productivity.

Cultivating this environment goes beyond free drinks and lounge areas in the lobby. Here, we share some ways you can adopt to increase camaraderie in the office!

Your presence is a present

Dedicate a whole day for your team to engage in team-building activities! It’s a given that such activities involve teamwork. But it also helps employees to better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, AND interests! As they continue working together in time to come, this newfound knowledge would allow them to contribute ideas with no hesitation.

Through the many fun games, there are also many benefits that can be reaped from team-building activities. To list a few, it increases collaboration, incites creativity and motivation, and improves communication.

Words cost nothing

A handwritten note makes the receiver feel great. In the note, tell your colleagues why you appreciate them. Don’t talk about what they can do for you or how they can help your business flourish. Instead, take the time to thank them for being who they are. It’s essential that we’re not selfish with our words. Keep in mind that this isn’t a performance review, but a gift to show your ultimate appreciation! If you’re struggling with what to write, try to focus on one thing you appreciate about someone. Then, elaborate on the reason why. Writing letters is also a positive reinforcement as it provides recognition to the recipient.

If you’re feeling embarrassed about giving the note face-to-face, leave them on their desks after they’ve gone home.

The gift of giving

When giving someone a gift, the most important factor is the thoughtfulness behind the gift. Scouting for a gift for your coworkers should not have to take up a lot of money. Instead, look for gifts that can be of greater use to them rather than a figurine or a keychain that they’ll eventually forget about. You can even choose to customise your gifts by contacting any renowned Singapore corporate gifts supplier, who can offer you unique gift ideas at affordable prices.

Lend a listening ear

You might think that it’s impossible to please everyone, but that shouldn’t stop us from hearing them out. People love to share, but they just need to be asked. Every once in a while, engage in a conversation with your colleagues with simple questions like how their week was or if there’s anything in the office that can be improved. If they do provide you with any feedback, make sure to follow-up with them so that they know that their opinions are being taken into consideration. This would also help them feel more involved in the developments of the office. It assures everyone that no matter who they are, everyone has a part to play in building a conducive office environment.


Camaraderie is more than just having fun; it is also about inculcating a sense of purpose and togetherness. Providing your office with a bright environment by boosting camaraderie among colleagues will undoubtedly manifest into something greater.

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