Must-Try Hacks For A Fun-Filled Party The Kids Will Love

It’s your little one’s birthday next month, so what do you do?

If your answer is ‘throw a party’, you’re at the right place!

Kids love parties because of all the fun they get to have with their friends. Not to mention, it is a day they can get away with chomping away on all their favourite snacks, and playing with colourful party balloons.

So, the onus is on the child’s parents to get the party on in order to meet the expectations of their child and their child’s group of friends. You might be racking your brains, wondering how you are going to entertain a whole bunch of kids running around your home or function room. The truth is, there are a few simple tricks to make your child’s birthday party a blast. Here’s our advice!

1. Plan games and activities

Children tend to run amok when they are left to their own devices. But if you organise some activities they can follow, they are less likely to get out of hand.

You will need a filler activity to engage children while they are waiting for everyone else to arrive. Simple arts and crafts activities, board games, or a movie can occupy children during this time. You can also decide if the kids will be eating now, or later on after the games.

Once most of the guests have arrived, you can begin to host some party games. The games can be team games or individual games, sit-down games or active games. If there’s a mix of game types, even better! Having forfeits and prizes for the games will also get kids more hyped up and competitive, giving everyone lots of opportunities for fun and laughter.

2. Time management

Kids have so much energy, but they also get tired. When planning and conducting the activities for the party, make sure to leave some time in between to just let guests mingle, rest and eat. You can also consider the intensity of each activity, and alternate more intense activities with more relaxed activities. For example, if one game requires the children to hop around, the next game should be a sit-down one.

Don’t be afraid to be flexible with your activities, as well. If you observe that the kids are getting bored, it’s time to switch it up. Or if you see that they are getting tired, it’s time to take a break!

3. Allocate the work

As the parent of the birthday child, you’re probably the one in charge of the whole party. But it doesn’t mean you need to be the one doing every single thing yourself! Gather older siblings or relatives to help you take charge of the different aspects: food, games, children supervision, decorations, and so on.

This way, if anything crops up during the party, you know who exactly to look for. You won’t have to run the risk of having to split your attention between a hundred and one things while also entertaining the kids.

4. Party favours

Is there anything else that can inject fun into the party? Yes! Party favours are an excellent way to sneak in more excitement!

Choose little items that can spice up the party, like party blowers, or wearables like party hats, temporary tattoos and light sticks. Or why not let every child bring home a helium party balloon? The kids will have a whale of a time with these little knick-knacks.

Indeed, children are easily entertained and satisfied with some games, activities, and the company of their closest friends. It just takes some planning to make sure you don’t run out of ideas, and the rest will fall into place on the day itself!

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