Dustiest Areas In The Workplace You’re Probably Overlooking

We tend to take workplace cleanliness for granted. Some workplaces focus on the most visible areas and assume that one round of sweeping and mopping is enough to maintain cleanliness. This could not be further from the truth. The workplace is filled with areas that can accumulate dust quickly. A lot of these areas are out of plain sight and hard-to-reach, so it can be easy to overlook them.

Even though they are hidden, this is not an “out of sight, out of mind” situation. Depending on the area, dust can easily waft or fall onto your employees’ workstations. This could, in turn, cause severe health issues and affect productivity. If your workplace often sees customers, these dusty areas will also give them a poor impression of your business and significantly detriment customer satisfaction. Spare yourself and your business the trouble by taking note of these dust-loving areas around the workplace.

Fans and air vents

Located high above, fans and air vents are prime breeding grounds for dust. While they have different functions, both channel air through them and blow it into your workplace. Dust in the air naturally settles on the inside, typically gathering on the fan blades and the vent covers. If left unchecked, dust can accumulate to become large grey and black clumps. Since they are constantly blowing air in your direction, these dust balls eventually get dislodged, dirtying your office.

Getting them cleaned can be challenging as they are hard-to-reach. Having the right knowledge and specialised equipment is required to carry out the task effectively. We provide hi-dusting commercial cleaning services to clean out those difficult-to-reach areas. We do away with the typical inefficient blowers and use a vacuuming system to properly clear the dust, dirt and grime from your vents.

Air-conditioning filters

Air-conditioning has become a necessity for most workplaces, but with it comes another source for dust to settle in. Air-conditioning units have filters inside them that filter out dust in the cool air before blowing it into the room. However, given that most workplaces leave their units on for the full workday, these filters get clogged up quickly.

When this happens, dust will eventually get through. After some time, you may experience excessive dust around the workplace, both in the air and settled around the room. Sometimes, you can spot a thin layer of dust on your work desk and décor items. A simple solution is to clean your filters regularly by washing them in the sink. Alternatively, you should replace the filters every several months to reduce your office’s allergens and keep it dust-free. Your air-conditioner will be able to continue to perform optimally and maintain a cool environment.


You may notice grey dust balls forming on your CPU, power cords, or the back of your computer monitor, if you haven’t been cleaning them regularly. It is especially easy to ignore this gradual build-up of dust in the office, where employees’ eyes are fixated on the screen, rather than what is behind it. Keyboards can also accumulate dust if you are not vigilant, mostly from debris from our fingers and the air.

Besides posing health issues, dust can cause several problems for electronics. It can clog up cooling fans, causing your devices to overheat. It can even damage ports and cause sticky keys on your keyboard. Depending on the device, microfiber cloth, dusters, or compressed air are viable options for cleaning. Apply the appropriate techniques when sanitising your electronics, so you do not end up damaging them instead.


Workplaces with carpeted flooring have a higher risk of dust accumulation than those with traditional hard flooring. Carpets contain countless small fibres which can trap dust that falls on it. This dust can come from anywhere: fibers from clothing and upholstered furniture, microscopic bits of plastic, and sloughed off dead skin. Soon enough, this can result in a dusty matted carpet, especially in an area with high foot traffic.

Carpet maintenance requires specific equipment and professional knowledge, so it is advisable to engage the services of a reliable commercial cleaning company. We provides carpet vacuuming, shampooing and stain removal services, to help remove accumulated dust and dirt and keep your office carpets in good condition.

Other fixtures in the office

There are plenty of other pieces of equipment and furnishing that can accumulate dust. Some of the most common ones are listed below:

  • Window ledges
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Undersides of tables
  • Inside of cabinets and lockers
  • Indoor plants
  • Baseboards and moulding
  • Ceilings

Workplaces should be conducive and safe to work in. When it comes to maintaining cleanliness, these hidden collection points for dust are enemy number one. Given the immense resources and experience needed to clean some of these areas effectively, it would be best to get a commercial cleaning company to help you. We are committed to bringing you only the highest standards of commercial cleaning services to make your workplace as immaculate as it deserves to be.

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