Maintaining A Clean Workplace Isn’t Hard With These Habits

A clean office is a productive office. Employees will have a much easier time taking a workplace seriously when it looks professional, neat, and tidy. Other than helping employees to focus, the health benefits of a clean office are numerous, ranging from promoting stress relief to preventing allergic reactions.

Keeping the office clean is a collaborative effort. While commercial cleaning services can regularly clean most of the office, it is also good to maintain a safe and sanitary working environment by daily efforts of every staff member. There are several small things that they can do to ensure that the office stays spick and span around the clock.

With that said, leave the heavy lifting work like carpet cleaning or hi-dusting to a commercial cleaning company, which adopts effective cleaning techniques to handle the cleaning and maintenance needs of your business property.

While Singapore may not be allowing certain non-essential businesses to resume working in the office just yet, it’s important to convey these good habits to your employees once they are back at work to help keep the workplace clean.

1. Keep the office clear of clutter

A busy office is usually a good thing, as it bodes well for the company’s business. However, it is easy to get swept up in the action, and gradually let paperwork and logistics pile up. In the worst-case scenario, the office could be left with forgotten piles of paper and boxes messily stacked up in a corner, or even scattered around individual workspaces.

If left in high traffic areas, these disorganised logistics may obstruct movement or topple over and injure someone. They can also quickly become caked in dust, posing a health hazard to the staff. Additionally, they’re an eyesore to anyone who enters the office – which displays a professional image that is less than ideal.

Staff can take the initiative to file paperwork and organise them neatly in enclosed cabinets. Other logistics can be packaged in storage containers and kept in dedicated storerooms. This reduces clutter around the office as well as the chance of dust gathering on the logistics. All of this is contingent on the office having the appropriate storage facilities, such as cabinets and shelves, so you can keep things more organised.

2. Wipe down the workstation

With the amount of time office workers spend at their own workstation, it’s essential for their well-being that the station is kept clean. Even in the most minimalist office setup (with a keyboard, mouse, and computer monitor), some measures should be taken to maintain a sanitary workstation.

The keyboard is one of the dirtiest parts of any workstation, as it is a high-contact surface that people use throughout each working day. Dirt, oil and germs can collect easily. Plus, it is also easy for dust or other particles to get stuck under the keys, causing your keyboard to stop working and also becoming a hidden health hazard. That being said, the desk, monitor, and any other furnishings can collect dust and dirt just as quickly.

It would be pertinent for any office worker to wipe down their workstation regularly. Antiseptic wipes would work well for the desk and keyboard, while a microfibre cloth with screen cleaning fluid would be best for the monitor. The best time to do this would be at the end of each day, such that they can come into the office the next day with a clean workstation.

3. Only consume food in the pantry

It can be tempting to eat food while you work. Sometimes, the focus starts to wane and you need a little caloric boost to recharge. However, for the sake of cleanliness, workers have to resist the urge. Moving to the pantry to eat can feel disruptive to workflow, but it is necessary to keep the workstation clean.

Besides the possibility of large spillages, it is difficult to eat anything without dropping some crumbs here and there. Even if you try to clean up after yourself later, you may miss out some small pieces of food hiding in a corner or under the table.

When these crumbs start to accumulate, your office may be introduced to a whole host of new problems. The most prominent issue would be pests that get attracted the food source. Nobody wants to see a long line of ants trailing from underneath their table.

Communicate to everyone that they should only be eating in the pantry. This can also help to manage cleanliness better and reduce the likelihood of bugs and pests appearing in other parts of the office. Since many office cleaning services in Singapore offer dedicated pantry maintenance services, this can help you ensure a clean and hygience pantry where people would be comfortable to eat in.

4. Clear rubbish bins regularly

Rubbish bins can be a breeding ground for dust, bacteria, and pests, especially if they are left uncleared for an extended period. This is made worse in the case of food waste, which can rot and produce a foul odour.

You can introduce a rotation of employees to clear out the rubbish bins every few days, or daily in the case of food waste. Alternatively, save your staff the trouble and engage the services of a commercial cleaning company.

This option is especially apt for larger offices with multiple rubbish bins. By outsourcing the task, you ensure that the rubbish is disposed of in a safe and professional manner, while freeing up the staff to focus on more pressing business-related matters.


Keeping the workplace clean does not have to be hard. As long as workers practise proper hygiene habits and you engage robust office cleaning services, workplace cleanliness is very achievable. For the best results, be sure to select a reputable commercial cleaning company to handle your office’s cleaning needs.

We are equipped to carry out cleaning operations for every part of your office. From office carpet cleaning to pantry maintenance, leave it to us to handle all the most arduous cleaning tasks, so you will have a greater peace of mind working in a clean and hygienic environment.

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