4 Crucial Things To Take Note Of Before Chartering A Yacht

Jumping on the yacht charter trend can be quite exciting. Instead of going on big cruise ships or bus trips, many have decided to have a holiday-like experience by the sea.

Especially with the COVID-19 situation, travelling to other countries as you usually do may not be possible. Still, staycations aside at a hotel – there are still many ways to let loose and take a day off from work or spend time with your loved ones – such as going for private yacht charters.

Not to mention, travelling from port to port on a luxury yacht while enjoying gorgeous views and the ocean breeze, is a great “holiday” idea.

So, if this is your first time embarking on a charter, fret not! Keep reading on and find out how you can have a relaxing and care-free yacht trip.

Ensure the crew is able to meet your demands

Depending on your personal needs, you’ll have to lay down your trip requirements or purpose loud and clear before getting aboard the yacht.

Typically, the crew will be able to accommodate different types of events and adapt accordingly – such as preparing for formal settings and providing 5-star exclusive experiences, creating a romantic atmosphere for couples, or even tending to children with big families.

The private boat charter company will also provide you with an additional hour before sailing off, to set up your yacht – be it seating arrangements or decor.

So, remember; the crew has a great impact on your enjoyment. All of you will be onboard together, and you’ll need people who can deal with issues gracefully, professionally, and tactfully. Make sure you get to know them for a fulfilling trip!

Enquire about the safety precautions

Aboard a yacht, it goes without saying that safety is extremely important for both yourself and your guests.

Especially if it’s your first time onboard, you should all the more be aware of what the safety precautions are. These consist of telling guests about your intention to enter the waters, put on a floatation jacket, and last but not least – to swim.

It’s best to know about such information from the start, so when you get the chance to meet them – go ahead and ask away!

Be prepared for uncertain weather and peak seasons

Before booking your dates, it’s important that you check in with your yacht charter company on when the peak dates are. You will want to avoid such busy periods, especially if you’re looking to have a peaceful time aboard with your partner or family members.

However, if you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon of having your birthday parties, team building events or weddings on a yacht – then it may be unavoidable if everyone them at the same time. For example, if you’re looking to do it on an auspicious date, there may be other parties interested in doing the same as well.

Weather-wise, you may stay prepared and check up information regarding tides, wind and weather conditions first. But at times, unexpected bursts of rain or the scorching hot sun are still bound to happen as you’re on the ocean.

Hence, you will have to know the preparations – gear and provisions – which the yacht charter company has prepared.

Enjoy the neighbours from afar

You’ll likely bump into a few other neighbouring charters along the way. One of the most common reasons people do opt for charter holidays is to get some privacy and solitude.

Hence, it’s important that you respect your neighbours by not anchoring too close to them or playing loud music from your yacht at night.

However, it’s also a great opportunity to forge new friendships, so if they give you a wave – by all means – feel free to greet your fellow yachties as you sail by! Otherwise, if they would like their personal space – kindly request your captain to steer away from them politely.

It’s impossible for anyone to be an expert the first time round. Be open to advice and recommendations, and you’ll be a natural at sailing yachts with a crew in no time.

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