Steps To Follow Before Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Like many others, you’ve decided to revel in the magic of semi-permanent laser hair removal treatments to achieve that silky smooth skin. It will be exciting, especially the prospect of getting into a bed once you’ve rid your body hair and not having to worry about prickly stubbles the next few days.

However, before you head down to engage in any laser hair removal services, here are a few steps you may want to follow before your appointment.

Refrain from waxing or plucking

Laser hair removal treatments work by targeting the roots of your hair follicles.

If you were to wax or pluck your hair before an appointment, you’d only render the treatment obsolete. Imagine the money you’ve spent wasted!

Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to agitate an irritated skin area any further. If you still wish to pluck or wax them off, you can do so at least 6 weeks prior to your laser appointment.

Shaving the target area is recommended

Compared to waxing and plucking, shaving is the recommended approach.

Not just for mere aesthetic reasons, shaving your targeted area will allow the laser rays to target the hair roots easier whilst simultaneously decreasing the risk of burns significantly.

You’re advised to shave a day or two before your actual appointment.

Avoid going under the sun

Laser hair removal treatments are generally safe but they still pose a certain level of risk. This treatment uses hot laser, after all.

Thus, be careful and try your best to avoid the sun, especially two weeks prior to the procedure.

Apart from noticeable skin discolouration, a slight sunburn can easily lead to excessive pain and blistering of the skin. If you do have a sunburn, it’s best to reschedule your appointment lest you’d have to nurse your skin back to health.

Even with our Super Hair Removal machines that are targeted for sensitive areas, it’s better to be safe than sorry, ladies.

Say no to bleach

To target your roots, your hair needs to have melanin content to absorb the light, which will later destroy the hair’s composition.

When you do bleach your hair, the bleach will alter your hair pigment, which makes it significantly challenging for the lasers to target.

To allow your hair roots to grow back in their natural colour, stop bleaching at least 6 weeks before your laser session.

Disclose your medications

If you’re under any form of medication, whether it be oral or topical, you will need to disclose it to your laser professional.

The laser, combined with certain types of medication, can introduce complications. For one, it may interview with your treatment and render them less effective. Others can make your skin more sensitive, which can easily lead to burns and blisters.

Whether it be antibiotics, acne medication or even birth control, do inform your laser technician. An informed laser technician then can adjust accordingly, to prevent any unwanted side-effects.

Avoid Beauty Products

Before you head down to your hair removal salons, ensure that you’ve removed any beauty products that may hinder your laser treatment.

If you’re going in for a facial hair removal treatment, you will need to have your makeup removed with a makeup remover and finish it with a rinse.

The same goes for any part of your body!

Thus, certain precautions must be taken to ensure that your scheduled laser hair removal session is completed without a hitch. In fact, you can derive greater benefits if you book an appointment with us today, so don’t hesitate to call us!

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