Simple Ways To Boosting Brand Visibility At Minimal Cost

One of the many factors to running a successful business is business promotion. Though it may not seem as thrilling, this is something you have to dedicate time and resources to. No matter how big or small your company is, getting the word of your business out is an ongoing challenge – especially if you don’t want it to also burn a hole in your pocket.

If you’d like to make the most out of your marketing budget, here are a few inexpensive marketing tactics to promote your business!

Have a working website with basic SEO

Even if you have a large social media following, a working website is critical for marketing your business. It acts as a lead generation tool that provides customers with information about your business.

Set up your web pages so that search engines can understand the content of the pages better and boost the ranking when someone searches for the products, services or information you provide. A simple tip to incorporate good search engine optimisation (SEO) is by using phrases that people search for in any of the website’s content.

Set up social media accounts

Set up your business profile or page on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Make sure that your business profile includes an excellent and succinct description filled with relevant keywords, and is linked to your website.

Participate in groups or conversations that talk about your type of business without spamming them with constant promos for what you sell. Social media provides you with the opportunity to engage with your customers and receive feedback for your business and make improvements as necessary.

Include a blog

Written articles or a blog serves two functions. First, it informs your customers and prospects. Secondly, it drives traffic by improving your chances of being found in search engines!

Blogs are a great way to add value to your company as it provides customers with useful content concerning the product or service you offer. This builds your credibility as it shows that you’re not just a business selling a product or service.

Tissue packet advertisement

Through tissue packet printing services, you can get your company logo, name, and advertisement on a tissue pack which will then be given out to your target population!

When distributing, you’re less likely to get rejected because people see value in tissue papers. This will bring about a high retention rate due to the repeated exposure to your advertising message. Among other benefits, tissue printing in Singapore is also affordable so you can get more bang for your buck!

Send out press releases

Press releases are an effective way to get a free business promotion. However, your press release will have to contain information that is newsworthy on top of being engaging enough to intrigue potential prospects.

You can touch on topics relating to your business, such as your upcoming business expansions, new product or service, involvement in social causes and more! Send the press release out to local newspapers, radio stations, and magazines with audiences that are likely to be more interested in what your company has to offer. If relevant, be sure to include a photo to go along with your press release.


We hope the methods mentioned above are helpful enough to spark inspiration for your marketing plan! If you’re interested in corporate gift ideas, feel free to check out our product catalogue.

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