How To Manage Your Anxiety To Get Better Sleep And Rest

Falling asleep soundly can be difficult, especially with the pandemic going on around the world. Anxiety is one of the major problems that people face when they are stuck at home for many days, causing stressful and sleepless nights. Lack of sleep in the long term can pose a severely detrimental impact on your mental health, raising the risk of problems like diabetes, depression, stroke, and heart disease.

However, the good news is that having sufficient sleep can help to boost your immunity system and keep health issues at bay. Here are 4 ways you can achieve a good night’s sleep and greatly reduce your anxiety!

1. Focus on your breathing when you sleep

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night? And do you find that it happens consistently, especially in recent weeks or months? One way you can solve this is by focusing on your breathing when you sleep. Experts have stated that when you are lying in bed, regulating your breathing can gently ease you back into sleep.

You should also seek to make your breathing deep and slow so that you can reduce the anxiety you face at night and focus your energy in helping you get back to sleep!

2. Take a hot bath before you sleep

Body temperature is a key factor when it comes to a good night’s rest. This is why studies have shown that by taking a hot bath before bedtime, typically an hour before, you can allow your temperature to cool when you get into bed. It offers a refreshing feeling for your body, and a drop in temperature so that it isn’t too warm or too cold.

A hot bath mixed with aromatherapy oils can work wonders to solve anxiety issues at night! These oils are useful in helping to regulate and soothe your nervous system, making it beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

3. Avoid your phone before you head to sleep

One of the biggest contributing factors of sleep anxiety is watching the news just before bed. This is because bad news can fire up our sympathetic nervous system, which can drive up stress through adrenaline. During this period, it is even more important to avoid your phone and avoid any social media posts that may raise your stress or anxiety levels.

By restricting your phone use before bed, you can slowly empty your mind and lead your body to sleep much easier. As these devices can stimulate your mind and make you stay awake, you will have a much longer time trying to fall asleep.

4. Pick the right mattress for your needs

When it comes to achieving better sleep, the right mattress can not only help to alleviate all of your physical problems, but they can also help you de-stress when you sleep. One such example is the Detense ArcticSilk cooling mattress.

They provide Singapore’s first-ever anti-static memory foam mattress, significantly reducing the static electricity in the body so that you can wake up the following morning feeling energised. Through its open cell structure, the mattress also provides a cooling technology that regulates your body temperature throughout the night, allowing you to stay cool in Singapore’s tropical weather.

If you find yourself suffering from back pain when sleeping, then you can pick out the Chiro series mattresses to ensure a pain-free rest that also greatly increases blood flow. You can even turn it into a storage bed for your bedroom, giving you ample space to keep your room neat and organised.

With the right mattress, you can go a long way in ensuring that you sleep stress-free and pain-free at night.


It is vital that we take care of our mental health and prioritise sleep so that we can get enough rest each and every day. In order to do so, reducing our stress and anxiety levels is key. You can utilise any of the tips above to ensure that you are able to get into your circadian rhythm, and achieve a good night’s rest!

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