Increase Work Efficiency With These Office Additions

A happy employee equates to increased productivity, which is exactly what you need if you want your business to grow! In return for making small changes to improve office efficiency and motivation, you’re getting more quality work done in a shorter period of time.

However, quality shouldn’t be compromised by quantity. So, if you’re looking to make the most out of your employees while ensuring that their productivity is always kept to a maximum, read on as we feature five office tool ideas to help with that.

Practice positive reinforcements with gifts

Employees value feedback! If they’re doing a good job, tell them or reward them with custom made pins that they can proudly showcase! By clearly indicating the success of an employee to others, you’re cultivating a sense of fulfilment to motivate others to do better! Additionally, don’t hesitate to provide your employees with constructive criticism so that they can strive to do better.

Ergonomic furniture and tools

When we’re in the office, we can spend up to 7 hours a day sitting in the same spot with our eyes trained to the digital screen. This means that we’re engaging in behaviours that may cause ergonomic injuries. As ergonomic injuries are one of the most common chronic injuries sustained in the office, it’s essential to find the right tools and furniture to create a comfortable environment.

Aside from ergonomic chairs, a laptop stand is also a must-have as it allows you to adjust the height of your laptop to decrease eye and neck strain. Another example is an adjustable desk, which gives employees with the option to do their work while sitting or standing.

Invest in productivity applications

Have you ever felt like people aren’t getting the main point of your email? Or have you ever sent out an email with a really bad grammatical mistake?

If so, reduce time-drain from miscommunication by investing in a grammar-checker application to aid in efficient communication. As we work, emails are often exchanged within and outside the company. The misunderstandings and unnecessary clarifications that result from them is not only time-consuming, but draining too.

Aside from writing applications, video conferencing platforms are also a must! Especially now that we’re working from home, meeting through video platforms allows us to keep up with the collaborative spirit that is usually practised in the office.

Have the right tools and equipment

Waiting for paperwork to print from a slow printing device can be quite counterproductive, especially since it could disrupt the workflow.

An office that’s equipped with proper tools and equipment is imperative to the successful completion of the task at hand, on top of allowing employees to perform their tasks efficiently. Aside from a good quality printer, having high-speed internet access is crucial as almost every employee needs to connect to WiFi to carry out their daily tasks. Hence, having high-quality equipment makes a world of difference as it saves time and effort, allowing work to get done smoothly.

Office pantry filled with refreshments

Snacks keep workers happy, motivated and energised. So, make sure to replenish the office pantry with a variety of healthy snacks and refreshments for your employees! This includes coffee packets, tea bags and a hot water dispenser. It’d be good to have company mugs which can be used to serve clients or given to employees as a corporate gift.


A stressful workplace won’t yield results, as employees who operate under such environment are found to be less productive and disengaged. If you want your staff to fulfil their duties well, try out a few of these tips above!

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