3 Learning Styles That Might Accelerate Your Chinese

Do you remember that one kid in school who managed straight A’s in all of their tests, only to brag afterwards that they haven’t even studied all that much? On the flip side, there are many students who have spent hours with their noses in books only to flunk a test that took them days to study.

This is because each individual has their own specific learning style that can help them learn subjects, topics or concepts much more easily. If you are enrolled in a Mandarin course in Singapore, it is essential to know what your learning style is so that you can tailor your Mandarin classes to best suit your preferences.

Are you unsure about what your learning style is? Here’s a list of some of the different styles you need to know to help you learn Chinese effectively.

1. Visual Learner

Visual learners are able to learn efficiently when they have a visual stimulus. This means rather than listening to an audiobook, you would rather read the book yourself. By looking at the words while reading, you will be able to retain information much better.

Learning materials that have a plethora of images, diagrams, colours, pictures and visual media mostly appeal to visual learners. By incorporating different videos and interactive digital activities, you will be able to learn Mandarin much faster.

For visual learners, they are also great at memorising different Mandarin characters when writing.

2. Auditory Learner

Auditory learners are great at listening. With their eyes closed, they can follow instructions and memorise different accents and dialects. Auditory learners are most likely to remember the names of people vividly, but not their faces.

Auditory learners learn best when given lengthy oral instructions. They will enjoy listening to audiobooks rather than reading. When learning Mandarin, auditory learners have a bit of a head start as they are able to comprehend different tones much easier than other learners.

3. Active Learner

The active learner learns best when they are doing something practical. It can be difficult for an active learner to stay focused when they are seated in a classroom. The active learner, also known as the kinaesthetic learner, needs to be more hands-on when it comes to their learning.

Heading to the grocery store and pretending to buy items while speaking in Mandarin is an excellent exercise for active learners to try. As long as their bodies are moving, they will be able to retain much more information and learn much quicker.


With so many different learning styles, it can be difficult to find the right one for different learners. Thus, teachers should look to create lessons that can tend to different types of learners. When enrolling in online Mandarin lessons in Singapore, you can participate in activities that best suit your learning style.

You should speak to your tutor and tell them about how you learn best. This will give your tutor a much-needed guideline to ensure that you will be able to get the most out of your online Mandarin lessons.

Now that you’ve understood the different learning styles, are you able to pinpoint the one that suits you best? Not only can it help you learn Mandarin efficiently, but you can also benefit from understanding more about your learning style and needs!

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