4 Clear Signs Showing Your Warehouse Storage Needs Upgrading

The recent coronavirus outbreak shows that health crisis can seriously wreak havoc on supply chains around the globe. Large corporations and small businesses alike are still trying to get back on their feet to mitigate the disruptions.
And with E-commerce on the rise, this can contribute to even busier and higher demand periods – making managing a warehouse even more challenging. Warehouse managers have various responsibilities which include overseeing inventory levels, ensuring an efficient flow of stock and optimising the layout.
As such, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with your warehouse systems and work safe practices to ensure a smooth-sailing operation. We share several signs you should look out for to help keep everything running efficiently.

1. Slow productivity

If you started to notice that the productivity in your warehouse is not picking up pace and slowing down, look beyond just the performance of your staff. Clear picking paths and organised racking systems play a big role in how efficient your warehouse functions.
When your staff has easy access to inventory, this can help to increase productivity levels across your warehouse. If your existing racking systems are not doing the job right, you may need to invest in a new one that optimises storage.

2. Difficulties in tracking inventory

The key to having a successful warehouse with smooth operations is inventory management. Outdated systems can make it challenging to keep track of inventory and store stock accurately and efficiently. When you upgrade to new technology, this also helps to future proof your business. For instance, your updated racking systems can accommodate flexible layouts whenever you need to plan and rearrange picking paths in the future.
Planning for the future does not stop at warehouse systems and layouts – you may also require more space eventually for increasing inventory levels. Our property at 38 Ang Mo Kio offers warehouse spaces for rent situated in 3 connected buildings with multiple storeys and a corporate frontage. More than just a general B1 industrial building, it also offers in-house products such as lockers, self-storage, bazaar marketplace and event hall rental. Units start from 361 to 7,534 sqft – with furnishings like windows, aircon and lights included for selected units. Our subsidiary,  is also located within the property to offer work and storage unit options with a conducive, facilities-included working environment – they are suitable for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs who are seeking small business spaces for rent. Other amenities include in-house canteen, 3 cargo lifts, 4 passenger lifts, and season parking for heavy vehicles & cars.

3. Constant wear and tear

Warehouse equipment like the racking system should be able to last for many years ahead, especially with regular maintenance. However, it is inevitable that there will be some wear and tear over time with pallet racks. If you find that you are constantly putting resources and effort into repairing uneven shelves, it could be time to upgrade your racking system. Pallet racks that are unstable can lead to unsafe work conditions as well as damaged stock.

4. Insufficient space

As your business is growing, you may realise that you require more space to store your stock products. There are various modern pallet racking systems that can offer more space by building upwards. One example is mezzanine floors, which can range from a simple storage platform to structural floors that are more heavy duty. They are freestanding and do not depend on the existing layout for support – so they can be easily relocated when you eventually move to a larger space.
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