How A CREST-Certified Company Can Benefit Your Business

Seeking cybersecurity solutions for your business? A productive way to sieve out the best organisations that offer cybersecurity measures is to check their stamp of approval: whether they have qualified for CREST certification.

And what exactly is CREST? CREST is a not-for-profit and globally recognised certification body, which is representative of the technical information market. Essentially, a CREST-certified company is your one-stop for that reliable penetration test you’ve been on the hunt for.

Why Do You Need Tight Cybersecurity Measures Today?

With rising data breaches and cyber-attacks, cybersecurity has become an essential safety net. But contrary to what you might be thinking, a robust cybersecurity solution is not just for technological information companies.

If you’re holding any form of web business, your company is still susceptible to cyber-attacks. Specifically, if you’re operating in the industries of e-commerce, Fintech or government-regulated institutions, it’s time to elevate your standards of cybersecurity.

What Does A CREST-Certified Company Offer You?

1. Reliable Cybersecurity Solutions

The practices offered by a CREST member company adopt high standards. For instance, by engaging a CREST-certified penetration testing company in Singapore, you will be treated with security methodologies that have been carefully validated through the comprehensive testing conducted by CREST.

If that does not convince you, you’d be assured to know that CREST also requires your accredited penetration testers to have at least six thousand hours of relevant and regular experience. This assured organisations and individuals who are CREST certified in Singapore are different from the average penetration tester. Instead, these certified penetration testers have the expertise to exploit even the most minor vulnerabilities in your IT system, as long as it poses an emerging threat to your business.

2. Expertise Offered Is Constantly Up-To-Date

A CREST accreditation is not a lifetime paper certificate for any organisation. A CREST membership has to be audited and renewed annually to ensure the currency of the penetration testing services offered to you.

On top of that, a CREST member company is sure to be exposed to the latest advancements in technical information and how that affects the cyber landscape. You can entrust your valuable digital assets in the hands of a CREST-certified penetration tester: his skills are kept up-to-date and even enhanced through various member workshops.

3. An Added Level Of Credibility To Their Services

As one of the few cybersecurity certifications in Singapore that is also recognised globally, a CREST accreditation easily elevates the services provided by the cybersecurity company. With that, the certification brings a diverse group of CREST member companies from across the globe. This international edge means that your highly qualified penetration testers can regularly tap on the knowledge and resources they receive from other member countries – elevating their expertise further.

If you’re on the hunt for a CREST-certified company, rest assured that all member organisations have had to sign a personal code of conduct. So take a back seat as these certified pen testers carry out their work ethically and according to CREST’s top-notch procedures and policies.


A well-qualified cybersecurity company will easily set your security posture apart from the rest. With us, you can be assured that our penetration testers undergo rigorous testing by certification bodies such as CREST and Offensive Security – your security will be in trusted hands. Need a comprehensive evaluation of your IT networks? Drop an email to us today for cybersecurity solutions that are crafted to suit your business needs perfectly!

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